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The Metropolitan Youth Orchestra (MYO) is a youth and family development program of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. The program is designed to use the life skills learned in music instruction to engage youth in activities that discourage at-risk behaviors and keep them committed to staying in school.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Betty Perry's trip to New York part 1

Betty Perry had the opportunity to travel to New York City this week with friends and family of the MYO program. She took in a concert featuring MYO alumnus Jameel Martin and checked in with another MYO alumnus Krystal Ford who works for the Noel Pointer Foundation.

Check out a brief interview with Jameel at The American Viola Society: http://americanviolasociety.org/studio/2012/12/introducing-jameel-martin/

And here's the website for the Noel Pointer Foundation for more information: http://www.npsom.org

Betty has been busy reconnecting with her old stomping grounds and sent us a few pictures.  More to come!

Sylvia's Restaurant in Harlem:

Ground Zero Museum and Memorials:

 Times Square and Broadway:

Subway at Harlem:

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